The Association's mission is to support regional wine routes

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The Association's mission is to support regional wine routes in the organization of regional/local enotourism supply and the wine and tourism sectors, encourage partnerships between the public and private sectors and focusing on diversification and innovation of the existing offer for the improvement of the competitiveness of domestic supply and the wine routes individually.

In addition, the Association intends to establish itself as a reference in the promotion and enrichment of wine tourism in Portugal, able to mobilize and represent the whole of the national supply.

Among its strategic objectives, particularly the improvement of endogenous potential of the regions and cities of wine, where the production of wine is its productive base and historical identity; promotion, enrichment and innovation of the wine industry, making this a development engine and a unifying axis that must act together or in a complementary manner with other sectors and/or activities; and cooperation and adhesion to agencies, European networks and projects of promotion of wine producing regions