Comissão Vitivinícola Regional dos Açores
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Nine islands of unusual natural beauty make up the archipelago of Azores, in the Atlantic Ocean. To the west we find the islands of Corvo and Flores. Faial, Graciosa, Pico, São Jorge and Terceira make up the Central Group and Santa Maria and São Miguel the Eastern Group. The diversity of landscapes and cultures is one of the archipelago's wealth. The green of the intense vegetation and the blue of the sea and lagoons give life to these black volcanic soils. The Azores wine has a long tradition and here their production has many peculiarities, beginning on the plantation. The vineyards are cultivated in so-called corrals, between stone walls erected to protect the vines from the harsh wind and salty air from the sea. The exquisiteness of this landscape led UNESCO to classify the vineyards of Pico Island as a World Heritage Site.


Azores has three Designations of Origin: Pico, Graciosa and Biscuits (on Terceira Island). The quality of wines has been recognized for long, namely the fortified white wine of Pico and Terceira, from a complex aroma to spices, full-bodied and structured, made from the predominant caste Verdelho, Arinto and Terrantês. In Graciosa, are of particular quality the light white wines, fresh, dry and fruity, where the Verdelho Arinto, Terrantez, Boal and Fernão Pires grape varieties dominate.


On land or at sea, there is plenty to discover in the nine islands of this archipelago. The white sand beaches, the Lagoons of the Seven Cities or of the Fire, among the extensive meadows of São Miguel, the imposing volcanic Pico mountain, the city of Angra do Heroísmo on Terceira Island, whose historical and architectural wealth led UNESCO to classify it as a World Heritage Site, or the volcanic cones of Corvo are compulsory passing points. Whale and dolphin watching, diving and many other underwater activities also allow knowing the rich biodiversity of the waters of the archipelago. Be sure to taste the typical cuisine of the islands as well.