Instituto do Vinho, do Bordado e do Artesanato da Madeira
Rua Visconde de Anadia, 44
9050-020 Funchal
T.: (+351) 291 211 600


Madeira Island rises above the sea and preserves one of the most exotic and natural world refuges. The Laurel Forest, World Heritage Site, grows among the cliffs of the steep mountains. Recognized worldwide as a tourist destination, Madeira also gained notoriety through its wine. In this very rugged territory, the vineyards appear aligned in small terraces and in them are born the famous fortified wine from Madeira. Of the eight islands of the archipelago, only the two largest, Madeira and Porto Santo are inhabited. Porto Santo contrasts with Madeira by its flatter territory. Its thin sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are one of its main attractions.


The soil of volcanic origin, the maritime influence, the hot and humid summers and mild winters contribute to the production of unique wines in Madeira. Dry, medium dry, sweet or medium sweet, the fortified wine from Madeira has a huge longevity and presents a great complexity of aromas, revealing itself full-bodied, velvety and harmonious. The grape varieties commonly used in the production of wine from Madeira are Sercial, Verdelho, Boal, Malvasia, Terrantez and Tinta Negra.


Levadas leads to the most beautiful natural places of the island of Madeira. If looking for a quiet place to rest, the long golden beach of Porto Santo is more inviting. Apart from all the natural wealth of these two islands, the built heritage also has a rare beauty. In Funchal, the Farmers Market, the Sacred Art Museum or the Cathedral are also places to visit. The range of experiences is very wide, but there is one place not to be missed: the exhilarating descent of Monte to Livramento in traditional wicker baskets.